Quite a few clients have been coming to us recently asking us for ideas on solving a problem.

“Our sales representatives are making client presentations on iPads or other tablet devices. Whilst this is making use of new technology and providing the sales representative with the value added technology, we are concerned that they are often left without a suitable viewing angle for all parties involved, or indeed having to hold the iPad preventing them from being hands free.”

We believe we have solved the problem for these businesses…

Brite Dock

The Brite Dock is technically a desktop charging platform / smartphone holder. It is easy to assemble and is designed to allow cables to be tidied or slotted through the gaps. On top of this the Brite Dock is a fantastic desktop “billboard” advertising product.

We have tested this product beyond this regular use and we believe we have found a use for this promotional product beyond its initial conception. The Brite Dock is more than strong enough to hold an iPad or tablet in either portrait or landscape format. This is due to the sturdy design, with 2 strong arms that are inserted into place.

Therefore members of your sales team should go along to a client or prospect armed with a branded Brite Dock as well as their iPad / Tablet. They can immediately gain interest in this product they assemble seconds prior to the presentation commences. The iPad can then be placed on the Brite Dock, at a perfect viewing angle for the client. The sales representative has both hands free to add value with actual products, handouts or printed literature. Being able to hand these out at the appropriate time will make the presentation slicker and save time (instead of doing this at the end). Once the presentation and the meeting has concluded, the sales rep leaves the Brite Dock with the client for them to use with their smartphone or tablet device.

What will this achieve for the business?

The Brite Dock has a fantastic print area to both sides. This enables your company to leave your brand details with the client for them to have sight of the key marketing messages, calls to actions or USP. The product has the potential to be kept for a considerable amount of time, possibly years. This is not a certainty, but given your sales representative has demonstrated the valuable use for the Brite Dock, the chance of it being kept increases. You are achieving product placement right where you want it, your client’s desktop; the most coveted retail space to any marketer.

The Brite Dock is a brand new promotional item. It has two fantastic print areas. It comes in white or black and can also be supplied made from recycled tyres. It is UK produced and is currently taking promotional product buyers by storm.