Here at Steel City we are fully-fledged promotional products geeks.  We passionately believe that tangible items within a brands marketing activity will not only boost the campaign but also provide a return on investment.

Speech bubbleMarketing is now multi-faceted.  We are bombarded with advertising whether it be TV or bus adverts, magazine adverts, website banners, social media, sponsored adverts and content marketing. Technology advancements mean there is a strong pull for marketers to focus on digital and online marketing to ensure the brands message is heard.

Did you know, we actually spend more time with media than asleep?!* With so much information on offer, can we really digest it all? If you think about it, the more scarce a marketing channel, the more value it has. With this abundance of digital advertising, have you considered promotional products?

It is no secret that marketers are faced by challenges in the current ever-changing and evolving climate. In this blog we hope to shed a little light on the power of the promotional product within your marketing campaign, whether it be as part of a direct mail campaign, a gift to loyal clients or an exhibition freebie.

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It is evident that customers make deeper, emotional associations with your brand if they receive a personalised, useful item from you with a clear call to action.  When they need your product or service, how do they contact you?  By using a branded item, you are getting in front of your clients, with something more meaningful than say a web banner or an advert in a magazine.

Here come the stats…

Research carried out by the BPMA demonstrates the impact branded products can have as a marketing medium.  Interestingly, over half of those asked in a recent survey by the BPMA said promotional products was the advertising media best to get clients to take action, a much larger proportion than any other medium.
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83% of customers suggested they can name the brand of the promotional product on their desk and 87% advised they kept a promotional item for longer than a year.  Even though purchasing branded merchandise may initially seem like a high expenditure, the longevity of the product will potentially make it a better use of budget than something more fleeting. We call this “cost per impression”. For example, how many times will your phone number be seen on a mug in its lifetime of use versus an advert in a paper?

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With 83% of people purchasing products or services from companies that have provided branded merchandise to them, by investing in a useful promotional item targeted at your client base, you will see a positive impact on your ROI.  This is backed up by the fact that 7 in 10 marketers use promotional products to raise brand awareness.**

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As humans we are hard wired to respond if we receive a gift, meaning promotional items are a brilliant way to increase interaction with customers.

So whether it be as part of a direct mail campaign, a gift to loyal clients or an exhibition freebie, promotional products are a fantastic way to gain exposure, engage with your clients and hence impact positively on your ROI.

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*Source: Ofcom
**Source: BPMA Research