T’shirts for example – straightforward, no nonsense with screen printing machines geared up to coping with this type of work as well as the larger runs. It can get a little bit more tricky when looking at a low value promotional pen – required in small volumes, lets say for argument 100 or 250 units. The machines that print these pens are for mass volume printing, and therefore although it can be done, there will be min print charges to consider and it can almost be worth spending a fraction more and receiving double or triple the quantity of pens. Then there are items like carrier bags and car window stickers. Particularly on carrier bags, these are printed again in large volumes and the machines simply aren’t set up to do small quantities. Even at 1000 units, these often require hand fed machines, adding to the factories production time, adding to their costs – It is still possible, but at a price!! Finally it is worth looking away from some of the standard everyday promotional items. What springs to mind as a classic example is travel sweet tins, or the little nets of chocolate coins. The branding is often done using stickers / labels (so this example covers anything that requires this). A recent enquiry for bottled water in reusable glass bottles came under the same bracket. The item can be supplied in low quantities – these are off the shelf after all. However, the labels / stickers need to be purchased on a min quantity run basis, which can be as many as 500. This therefore makes for a very pricey small run of items. Sometimes a client will proceed, sometimes the quantity is increased to take account of the above and sometimes a different route altogether is decided upon. Providing information, being helpful and passing over the knowledge is something we feel we do well at Steel City. A member of our experienced sales team is always available to discuss your requirements and help guide you into the right product at the right price. ]]>