Have you heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”?  Business is all about people.  How we engage and build relationships can make or break a company and that doesn’t just go for clients, the people who live and breathe the company every day; the employees – they too need to be engaged and motivated.  By keeping staff driven and with a clear vision of the companies’ purpose, a business is much more likely to grow and succeed.

So how do you engage with new employees? As well as being friendly, inclusive, patient and giving the new starter your time, have you thought of making them feel extra special by giving them a welcome pack? As well as encapsulating the brand image and culture in the merchandise you select, the new employee is bound to feel appreciated, and in turn will tell their friends and family about the warm welcome they received.

If you need some inspiration, we have come across several new employee welcome packs which have made a big impression:

Linked IN


Linked In

This Linked In welcome pack includes branded bottle, toddy wedge, pen and towel and as you can see by the comments, both Natalia and others have reacted to the gifts in a really positive, encouraging light!






Yoyo Design

You can be really imaginative with what goodies you choose. Digital agency Yoyo Design have selected retro sweets, stationery and a branded yo-yo to showcase their sense of fun and creativity.







Disney have themed their welcome pack for employees travelling to another country or city with travel items such as a travel bag, wash bag with toiletries, an air freshener for the car and notebook. Other items which could work for any airline or travel companies could be an eye mask, a luggage tag, a passport holder and travel adaptor.






BI Worldwide

Linking the idea of a new starter growing with the business by using seeds or desk plants is a nice touch adapted by BI Worldwide.  They have also included a tea/coffee pack, a branded lanyard, pen and sweets.



By incorporating a branded welcome pack into your marketing and HR strategy, you will not only make your new employees feel appreciated and get across your company’s culture; you will create a platform to build a strong relationship upon and encourage future engagement.  If you need help choosing branded items that would suit your company, we would love to help and share our knowledge of all the latest exciting promotional products.  Please get in touch, either by phone: 0114 2754150 or email us.