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1. Hello, is there any tea in there?! Weak, weak tea – otherwise known as dish cloth water.

@d0vahkiiin Via Twitter

2. When you merely show the mug the bag…

@boff_frogdesign Via Twitter

3. When you brew for just a bit too long.

@danwarren97 Via Twitter

4. You left the tea bag in the mug. School boy error.

@CatMackenzie7 Via Twitter

5. Heaven forbid this happens…

@jacquieemes Via Twitter

6. When the tea isn’t actually in a mug…

@CatCranston Via Twitter

7. Or the teabag fails to even reach the mug. 

@benpunter Via Twitter

8. Or this happens…

@copyeded Via Twitter

9. Not sure this would bring you peace, tranquillity and harmony.

@stephanieslanga Via Twitter

10. When tea is this frothy. 

@Andrewevans74 Via Twitter

11. When you get to the bottom of your mug and there is this soggy mess waiting for you.

@L_Hayes87 Via Twitter

12. Or this massive tea fail happens…

@GemTrebBridal Via Twitter

13. That annoying moment of realisation that you have poured cold water on your tea bag.

@MWarneford Via Twitter

14. Just don’t go there!

@joolsbrownlow Via Twitter

15. Or you are not actually sure what is going in your tea…

Via Claire in the Steel City office!

For even more tea fails and for the tea obsessed check out the Buzzfeed Inc blog.

If you know someone in your office who avoids the above tea errors and you would like to crown office ‘Tea Champion’ we are running a competition rewarding the top 50 tea makers with a selection of tea goodies. Find out more here.

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