promotional mug, with screen printing, dye sublimation and full colour process all possible these days on good “wraparound” print areas. Transfer printing methods even allow branding to the inside rim or base, adding a secondary message that can have significant impact.  Where heat sensitive mugs slightly differ is the final stage of production. This heat sensitive coating is applied to either partly or fully cover the message you want to reveal and when hot liquid is added to the mug, this becomes visible. As the mug cools, the heat sensitive coating is restored to its original colour, which can be in either a black or blue. It is also possible to have a screen printed logo or message constantly visible by adding this after the heat sensitive coating has been applied, another idea to consider for your promotional mug. Traditionally the heat sensitive mugs have been restricted to the straight-sided Durham style earthenware promotional mug. This still remains the iconic and best-known heat sensitive mug on the market. However, as with most things, advances in technology has allowed other styles to be produced and made available with the same feature. Available now are the small latte heat sensitive mugs as well as the large version, providing the coffee shop generation something to purchase on the promotional side that has a unique feature. Although the heat sensitive mugs are microwave safe, prolonged heating should be avoided. As soon as the colour change process is complete, the heat sensitive mug should be removed from the microwave in order to maintain the condition of the mug. The heat sensitive mugs are not dishwasher safe due to the nature of the coatings and harsh abrasives should be avoided. In order to keep the mug looking good, the suggestion is to use mild cleaning detergents in moderate temperatures. Steel City Marketing have been distributing promotional gifts for over 28 years. Our experienced sales can be contacted on 0114 2754150 to discuss heat sensitive mugs or any other promotional and business gift idea you may wish to consider.]]>