As American television has infiltrated our screens, as has an increased interest in Halloween. For many businesses in the UK, Halloween has become a massive pre-Christmas boost. From leisure and tourism to retail, companies are realising the power of the 31st October. In 2012 Halloween sales rose by around 12%, with consumers investing more and more in this holiday.
Falling on a Thursday this year, why not start the weekend a day early? The interest in Halloween acts as a stepping stone between the summer and Christmas and astute businesses should look to making the most of this worldwide holiday.

Here are 3 ways to make consumers aware of your brand in the least scary way:

Trick Or Treat

With social media being at the forefront of modern marketing strategies, this is a great way to reach potential customers by utilising it for your Halloween marketing campaign. One of the most receptive ways to engage with social media users is of course by offering them something for free. A trick or treat competition could be a fantastic way to employ a promotional gift giveaway for Halloween. The benefit of offering promotional items as part of your Halloween marketing strategy is that you can make them specific to the particular current campaign. For instance offering a ‘treat’ or a ‘trick’ will be a fantastic talking point, with both serving the purpose of brand awareness.

Infectious Images

The most long lasting memory is an image. The added bonus of Halloween is that people love to dress up and show off their scary side. As a business you could encourage customers to send in pictures of themselves in their most creative Halloween costume, offering a prize to the winners. The ripple effect especially through social media will be see friends and the family of your customers also wanting to take part. A clever campaign name could even result in your brand name being included in every picture.

Back To Reality

With Christmas being so soon to follow, Halloween is a perfect opportunity to begin your Christmas marketing strategy. Adding subtle information to what customers can expect from not only Christmas, but any future marketing plans will be welcomed. A successful Halloween marketing strategy can be a great boost for your brands future holiday plans.