Each month one of the team will be bringing you their top three products for that month. For July it’s Gregg’s turn…

Gregg new

Gregg’s Promotional Marketing Tip:

“We get asked for weird and wonderful branded merchandise ideas and it’s quite exciting to see if we can achieve that for a client.  Our recommendation is that the product is relatable to the message the client is trying to get across to their audience. What we’d always say is we will try never to say no.

Call us or email us with your weird and wacky ideas because it’s always worth it and more often than not we can achieve it”.

Gregg’s Top 3 Product Picks for July…

1. Magic Concept Cube

This is a fantastic idea for a promotional product as it’s so engaging and interactive. Here’s an inspiring video. There are plenty of design options and with the right imagery and message, it can be used to communicate your brand, your product or even tell a story.  The possibilities are endless.

The Magic Concept Cube is definitely a product that would get passed around the office or amongst friends, becoming a great talking point and inadvertently, an effective tool to communicate your message.

A recommended promotional give away at events, product launches or used in a direct mail campaign.1032_1

2. Fidget Spinners

Stress balls and desk toys have been around forever, but now the latest product for reducing stress or reducing excess energy is the fidget spinner.  Easily spun with the flick of the finger, they feel remarking nice….  This could be used as a little staff gift, or a great promotional giveaway that will be used or spun time and time again.


3. Colour Changing Mugs 

Colour Changing Mugs have a unique heat sensitive colour coating that reacts under heat, turning it transparent. This allows any image such as a photograph or logo that is printed on the mug, to be displayed.  Perfect as a gift or as promotional item.

 If you want any more information on these or similar promotional products and would like us to create some visuals using your brand logo, please get in touch and we will be very happy to help! t: 0114 275 4150 e: [email protected]