If promotional items need to have the wow factor to impress an audience, then the Gravity Mobile Phone Holder has it in bundles. This is a great desktop branded product with some major selling points. This mobile phone holder comes packed in two parts for self-assembly, making it easy to post, with low mailing costs. The recipient simply slides the upright section onto the base and the holder is ready to use.

Gravity Mobile Phone Holder

Gravity Mobile Phone Holders have a silicon panel on the front to hold the phone in place. It will hold any model of phone in place. We have “tested” several. The silicon panel gives the appearance of the mobile phone hanging, without any support. Your device is then at an optimum angle to use the many features of the latest Smartphones without having to hold it in your hand.

As a desktop promotional item, Gravity Mobile Phone Holders would fit perfectly on any desk due to a sleek modern design and non-slip padded base to avoid scratching any surfaces it is used on. The silicon panel has a dimpled finish, adding to the attractive appearance when not being used to hold a mobile phone.

Over time, the user may experience a loss of “stickiness” from the silicon panel on their Gravity Mobile Phone Holders. This is perfectly normal and is a result of the object picking up dust particles from the air. To solve this, the user simply has to remove the pad from the unit, wash with water and dry gently (to avoid ripping) and the “gravity defying” properties will be restored!

When we first tested out the Gravity Mobile Phone Holder, the team tried to see just how sticky the silicon pad was. You can almost turn the product upside down with the mobile phone staying in place (always better to put a hand underneath to catch your device when it eventually falls!) Our YouTube video shows the item in action. The Gravity Mobile Phone Holder will also keep in place pens, highlighters or sticky notepads. In fact any promotional item will “stick” in place, try it and see!

Gravity Mobile Phone Holders are just one of thousands of promotional items that the team at Steel City Marketing are able to source for your next branding campaign!