The love bug is not highly contagious but you may experience some strange symptoms. We have listed four of the most common signs and matched products that can offer some relief.

Got a pounding heart

Have you met someone recently? Every time you think of them, does your heart start pounding, or you feel like your chest is about to burst? This adrenaline rush could be an early sign that you’ve got the love bug, or simply put – fallen in love. Other triggers can include just seeing their photo or hearing THAT song?

If you want to keep your heart in check, the Pro Active Tracker Band can help. As well an excellent means of monitoring your heart rate, it also has a caller ID, missed call reminder and message reminder. So you’ll never miss those all important calls and texts which will keep your stress levels in check.


Lost for words?

When you meet the love of our life is your mouth so dry you simply cannot speak? If so, this is another tell tell sign you may have caught the love bug.  The adrenaline rush caused by falling in love is known to cause a dry mouth. Fortunately there is a simple remedy. Keep a tin of mints at hand. Great for sharing so neither of you will be tongue tied and you will both have lovely fresh breath.


Bursting into song?

Since you met this special person, have you found yourself listening to love songs and subconsciously thinking “that is so me right now?” Believe it or not, the love bug can make you more sensitive to hearing these types of tunes and you will feel an added sense of happiness.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, then the epic speaker is just what you need.  This pocket sized  gadget produces a great sound from its 3W speaker for your ultimate music enjoyment.  With bluetooth connectivity to play music from a mobile phone, you can listen to your special playlist (on repeat) to your heart’s content. And there’s more.  You can also answer those all important calls remotely from your mobile phone and take great wireless selfies.  What a great way to  capture all those giddy early dates.1061_1_large

Counting down the days to seem them again?

Are you missing that special person when you are apart? Are you desperate to see them again? Do you wake up each morning and count the days to your next date?   This kind of behaviour can definitely be associated with the love bug.  The calendarpod should help relieve some of that anxiety as it serves as a visual reminder and record of your blossoming relationship.  It can also make a lovely keepsake.



If you need some more product ideas to cure your Love Bug, we would be more than happy to help.  Just give the team a call on 0114 275 4150 or email [email protected].