Tight Deadlines Do you ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day? Do you suddenly wonder how it is already Friday? Tight deadlines are a common problem for Steel City Marketing and clients are often unaware of the journey it takes to produce a promotional gift. Four week lead times are commonplace but often we are required to work within much shorter time frames. So how do we ensure that our clients are never disappointed? Detailed planning plays an integral part in ensuring the success of any order; as it should with any event. We have found that creating a detailed calendar (link to calendars) is often the key to success. We make notes on the what, when, why, where and how, ensuring that we include even seemingly insignificant details leading up to the orders completion. For our lucky repeat clients we keep track of their annual events on an internal database so we can ensure that they are never caught without that essential promotional item. Replicating this thorough approach to your event planning will guarantee that whatever your plans; they will go without a hitch. Compromise may not be a popular word but it is often essential to the success of an order. More often than not, clients know what they want and they want it now. This is not always possible within the required time frame. Fortunately, at Steel City Marketing, compromise does not have to mean making do with less than the best. It means thinking outside of the box. Yes we may not be able to supply 50,000 bespoke pens from China in two weeks, but we do our research and ensure that we have a solution to problems before they arise. With a large range of UK manufacturers at our fingertips; there are many fantastic products which are available with super-fast delivery times for even the most particular of clients. The lesson you can learn here is to plan for the unexpected and you will never be caught out. Shrinking Budgets The increasingly difficult economic climate has played a big part in the fact that many marketing teams are scratching their heads; wondering how they can achieve what they did the previous year with half of the budget. Companies are still expecting the same results but wanting to do it with little to no cost. At Steel City Marketing, we are faced with similar dilemmas, however, we are ready to rise to any challenge and tight purse strings do not faze us. Be more selective with what you are producing. We advise clients to spend their budgets wisely, look for longevity from their products and choose quality over quantity. We can supply many items in quantities as small as one hundred and the key is to distribute these carefully. Assess your target audience and ensure that every recipient is relevant and likely to push your campaign forward. How often do you choose Primark over Prada? A white vest top, is a white vest top and the label is fairly irrelevant and often not worth its price in cotton. This is something you should also take into consideration with both your choice of promotional gift and event budget. Yes, the occasional label may serve its purpose in the impressive stakes but most often it is not worth its return in investment. Give any of our experienced sales staff a call and they will be able to offer you a range of quotes on similar products with different prices. In this current economic climate, price comparison should never be overlooked. Unusual Requests And finally we are often faced with an array of bizarre requests. This is where two heads are better than one. We aim to supply our clients with the best possible service and we have found that sometimes sharing ideas and thoughts is the most effective way to achieve this. We hold regular staff meetings which give us the opportunity to discuss our clients varying needs and wishes. Brainstorming with each other always brings up a plethora of new ideas and led to many a satisfied client. Get your events team together in an informal environment and we guarantee that you will come out with a range of new ideas to push your venture forward.]]>