There is a high focus on the reusable shopping bags. “Bags for life” are hugely popular in both the retail and promotional markets. Therefore step forward the newest eco shopping bag to hit the market, the “EcoHandle Reusable Bag”. This durable, compact product has some of the best features we have ever seen in the eco bag range, and we couldn’t wait to start talking about it. Firstly, the categorization as an Eco shopping bag comes from the fact that this bag is reusable over a significant period of time and the plastic is recyclable. There is a nylon bag stored within the EcoHandle itself. When removed, the handles of this bag are hooked over the slots on the plastic unit, forming this great Eco Shopping bag. In this “single bag” format, the EcoHandle is lightweight, can fit easily into a pocket, handbag or glove compartment, is easy to store and is water repellent. The benefit of the plastic handle on this Eco Shopping bag is that it is kind to your hands, when carrying heavier items. The fantastic additional benefit of this eco shopping bag is that is can carry up to three additional shop issue carrier bags using the open slot design at each end. This allows the easy and effective transporting of multiple bags at the same time, without the “cutting” into the hand that this can traditionally cause. The EcoHandle itself comes in 5 standard colours (red, orange, green, pink and grey) and the canvas eco shopping bag that is then housed inside the handle comes in 6 colour choices (red, orange, green, pink, black and white). Bespoke bag colours are subject to a higher minimum quantity, but are still possible. The bag can be printed up to full colour to both sides of the bag and the minimum quantities on the stock range of this eco shopping bag is 1000 pieces.  Lead times currently stand at five to six weeks, and this is mainly on the back of high demand. As an alternative to the cotton eco shopping bags, this is certainly a premium product and does work out more expensive, but the key benefits highlighted above make the EcoHandle stand out when looking at choices of reusable eco shopping bags. Markets of interest for this product are obviously general shopping, but could also be great for events, sport, gym and it would also be ideal for use as a travel or beach accessory. It really is an eco shopping bag with many possibilities. Should the EcoHandle eco shopping bag be something you would like more information on (pricing, samples or a visual), please contact a member of the sales team who will be happy to answer any questions and deal with your enquiry.]]>