It is always nice to focus on something new within the promotional gift industry and the desktop garden is a great new product to highlight and make a noise about. The desktop is an ideal place to have a product with your branding visible. You will stay in your target audience’s mind for a considerable amount of time as a result. The marketing consumer is constantly looking for something different and the desktop garden is just that. Made from recycled aluminium (which is also 100% recyclable), the desktop garden has all the Eco credentials demanded by many in the industry these days. With a recycled cork stopper and attractive brushed aluminium tube design, the desktop garden catches the eye instantly. Made in the UK, you are assured of a minimum carbon footprint. The branding on the desktop garden is up to full colour process on every order, with minimum quantities can be as low as 50 units. This great range has a short lead time of around 2-3 weeks but on request this can be improved upon. The desktop garden is a great way to engage the recipients – whether this is incentivizing your staff, giving a gift to your top clients or handing out at an event for business generation and relationship building, the 80g “pot” will certainly do you justice for a relatively low spend. Contained in the tube is everything you need to get your desktop garden growing; organic soil coin, seeds and growing instructions. All you need is water, green fingers and a bit of time to care and nurture! There is a good choice of seeds to choose from in the desktop garden range. A set of mixed garden annuals is a very popular choice and these include Cosmos, Calendula, Nasturium, Sweet Pea and Candytuft. Other options to consider are Coriander, Chives or Basil. If you are looking for something different, please get in touch and we can find out what is possible to make your desktop garden fit your requirements. The desktop garden is a truly versatile and standout promotional product. It has great branding options, quick turnaround and fits the bill when considering an Eco gift. It generates immediate interest and an ongoing focus. You can be certain that the desktop garden will help enforce your brand and provide a good connection with your target audience. So bring the outdoors indoors and give your client some desktop “greenspace”. Contact the sales team now, to discuss pricing, visuals and samples.]]>