We have teamed up with exhibition stand suppliers Printvision to give you the latest trends, products and tips to help conquer the exhibition battle!

With exhibitions, conferences and trade shows often requiring a significant financial and time investment, it is critical to ensure that your business will get the most out of the event and maximise the ROI. 

Printvision are a leading trade supplier of printed POS display products with 22 years of expertise.  As with Steel City, Printvision are very much led by excellent customer service and really listening to and understanding what their clients need.  Lee Stapleford, a sales executive at the company has kindly offered to impart his knowledge on how to get the most out of your exhibition stand and get your message heard. See below our interview with Lee.

What are the latest exhibition stand trends we should be taking notice of?

“There is a massive trend towards lightweight and portable products; items that are easy to assemble, take down and light for transporting to and from exhibitions. Not only do these type of products save time, they make shows easier.  We have also noticed that clients are more conscious about their environmental impact. Items that are smaller and lighter don’t rely on additional, large vehicle transportation and so will have a smaller carbon footprint.

In response to these trends, we have recently introduced the ‘Bannerbow‘: a lightweight banner in an arch shape, manufactured with sustainability in mind – both with the materials sourced and the manufacturing process. It can be set up in minutes by one person, without any other equipment and packs up neatly into a small bag for easy transportation.”

The Bannerbow – Lightweight and collapses easily down into a small bag

A Bannerbow Arch – The display fabric can easily be swapped if you have different messages throughout the year

“Another trend we have seen is soft touch materials.  As seen with stationery, there is a move away from the shiny and brash to a more tactile, inviting finish.”

Seg Pop Up Fabric Counter – With a soft touch finish

What exhibition products should every marketer be considering?

“Roller banners are always a popular item to have at an exhibition. They will never go out of style, easy to transport and are extremely cost effective so can suit businesses with smaller budgets.

Table cloths are also extremely beneficial. A really good quality table cloth will make your stand go pop! Like all our products, the table cloths come as standard with a full colour print and no origination costs so as a marketer, you can really let your imagination go wild.

Both roller banners and table cloths can be used again and again at all types of events and so are a great investment.

As we are coming into the summer months the more seasonal items are becoming of interest for any outdoor events you may be planning.  Gazebos, deckchairs, flags, bunting – they all make your event more impressive and are a key way to reflect your brand image to your clients.  We even do backpack flags for events like marathons, sporting occasions or charity events. They are a great product for first aiders or marshals as are easily visible, hands-free and they can have all their belongings in one place.”

Backpack Flags – An innovative way to get your message heard at an event or exhibition

Any tips on how to present a company’s branding, logo and artwork on their exhibition stand?

  • Be as dynamic and crisp as possible.
  • Really think about what it is you are wanting to say. Make sure your message is clear and easy to understand.
  • Try not to over-complicate your stand, less is definitely more!
  • Strip away the unnecessary. Don’t have too many call to actions.
  • Make sure your logo is clear and not pixelated. Some smaller companies may struggle with having a vectorised artwork, but from a marketing point of view, it is worth investing in a great quality logo and graphic as it represents your company.

What is your advice as to what makes a good stand?

“Similarly to the above question, try not to fill up your stand with too many products. It is much more inviting and less intimidating to have a neat, uncluttered stand with a clear message where potential clients feel at ease to approach you.  On the flip side, you don’t want a too minimalist stand which is hard to identify what it is you do! So it is important to get the balance right.

You often see exhibitors sat around at their stand waiting for people to come to them – looking like they are having a day off from the office! It is really important to make sure your team are on their feet and engaging with delegates, after all we sell by making relationships and your staff are the best sales tools you have.  As well as offering promotional freebies, by having branded seating at your stand (if space allows) this can act as an ice breaker and an easy way to invite delegates to relax on your stand.

Branded Beanbags – Allow you to create a space that is inviting and comfortable

A branded counter is also a fantastic tool. You may initially think it is a bit formal but it really does help with recording enquiries and keeping pens, business cards etc. organised and neat. The last thing you want is to be struggling to write an enquiry down!

Each company and event is different so you will need to assess the space available to you and try to be relevant and choose products or messages that match the delegates’ interests.

Having an interactive element to your stand can help you to be more eye catching.  Products like an iPad stand or LED Light Boxes will make your graphics and message pop out for people passing by.”

Mystic Meg time – what are your future predictions for exhibition stands? 

LED Light Displays

“The future technology behind LED light boxes is developing in Japan so that certain parts of your message can be highlighted – almost like an animation.  With LED light boxes becoming more cost effective, easily packaged away and transported – I think we will be seeing a lot more of them.

Also, as mentioned above, there is a trend for people to be more environmentally friendly and so we will be seeing more of a demand for recyclable products.”

We hope you have enjoyed this insight into branded exhibition stands.

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