Race to Raise As summer approaches, getting fit is usually on the forefront of everyone’s mind. A sponsored run is a great way to get fit and get cash. With improving weather conditions, it is a great way to minimise organisation costs using the great outdoors as your venue.  Sheffield is lucky to be placed on the cusp of the beautiful Peak District so we have ample countryside at our disposal but even city dwellers can get in on this idea by utilising their local park or playing field. Top Tips

  • Charge participants an entry fee for a ‘Race to Raise Pack’. This will cover the cost of any promotional items you may need to advertise the event, such as t-shirts and sports bottles.
  • Contact local newspapers and businesses and ask them for advertising and support. Offer them the chance to have their logo printed as an official sponsor.
  • Sell promotional gifts on the day of the event. We can advise you on which products will give you the most profit for your money.
Dress to Impress This year Comic Relief is going retro and encouraging fundraisers to hark back to the 1980s. Fancy dress is a great tongue in cheek way to get people involved, have fun and make a bit of money. Whether you arrange a shindig, soiree or simply get your staff to show off their style in the office you can guarantee that this will get people talking. Top Tips
  • Get members of staff to pay a donation for wearing something wacky to work.
  • If you are more about class than clown, you could host a charity ball. Themes such as black, white and gold or masquerade work well. Hold an auction and get guests to bid against each other.
  • Set up a stall of themed promotional gifts for sale. We have a great selection of affordable quirky gifts, such as yoyos or love hearts.
Cook for Cash Who doesn’t love a cuppa and a slice of cake to get them through the 4pm slump? Home baking is a fantastic, inexpensive way to generate money for your charity. You can raise funds by getting people to purchase the donated treats and you can also use it to create a forum for people to chat about your cause in a relaxed environment. Top Tips
  • Print coffee mugs with your charities information and offer them a free beverage with every purchase.
  • Hold a cake auction. If you have a particularly talented baker amongst your midst; sell their cake to the highest bidder.