promotional pen. It could be said that during times when you have to work lean and show improved results on the back of spending less, then there is certainly a call to go back to basics. Promotional merchandise spend is certainly an area where this is completely true. The amount of enquiries for the high end executive business gifts are still there, and clients appear still willing to put marketing spend into the more expensive products. However, where the real surge in activity lies is in the huge area of cheap promotional pens and these continue to sell well. When there is a product range with so much choice, this provides the opportunity to vary what has been done before or what the intended audience has received in the past. The cheap promotional pen continues to provide the variety required, the price that is desired and the branding possibilities that so important these days to the marketing departments looking to promote their campaign or organisation. The cheap promotional pen is possibly one of the most used and valuable business giveaway idea on the market and something that can certainly gain a large amount of impressions during its useful lifetime. For your company, it provides a solution to keep enforcing your brand to your client base and potential customers, while allowing cut backs to be made. The choice within the cheap promotional pen range does continue to evolve. Although there are some huge best selling models such as the Super Hit and the Baron Colour ballpen, there are now some really good options that can provide a twist. Pens made from recycled materials are the current industry buzz, with materials such as recycled packaging, CD cases, car parts and card all being used to create the new age of cheap promotional pens. There are also biodegradable options, pens made from cornstarch, which naturally break down in really quick times. All of these cheap promotional pen ideas are now available in several colour choices, good branding areas and have the functionality required and perform as well as any of the best selling options. In fact the large volume items are now being produced in Eco versions, showing where most producers see the next move in the cheap promotional pen market. Steel City Marketing has been a business gift distributor for over 28 years and has seen all the industry trends and shifts in buying patterns. With a wealth of experience in the sales team (please call on 0114 2754150 to speak to someone), you can be sure you are dealing with one of the leading UK companies in this field. So if it is a cheap promotional pen idea you are looking for, or any other business gift ideas, please call now.]]>