Cheap promotional mugs make up the majority of the sales of this type of merchandise and again this highlights the trends in the business community to provide a promotional mug to a client or target audience that does the job, with no whistles and bells! The choice of mugs is fantastic these days and the coffee shop generation has contributed to some really contemporary designs coming into this market, but at the end of the day, you want your marketing spend to work to the maximum for you and you can rely on the cheap promotional mugs to do that. As with most things, the higher volume selling products usually provide the lowest cost base to work from and this is true within the select few cheap promotional mug models. There are at least 3 best selling products that are worth highlighting. They provide attractive and appealing designs, a selection of colours to provide additional choice and the flexibility in terms of branding area and methods.  These are the Sparta, Durham and Bell: Sparta Earthenware Mug This design is probably the best known of all cheap promotional mugs. It is now available in several standard colours as well as traditional white. Printing methods are anything from single spot colour work, through to dye-suyblimation up to full colour process printing. This mugs sits well in an office or shop floor environment. Durham Mug Another of the traditional cheap promotional mugs. This has a chunkier feel and design, good capacity for drinks and a fantastic print area allowing all the techniques for the other mugs as well as photo mug and heat sensitive printing methods to add extra value. A real best selling option to consider. Bell Mug This is a mug that would again have fantastic universal appeal, male and female alike in any working environment. Like the other cheap promotional mugs, the bell has several standard colour options and a good branding area. Please free to contact Steel City Marketing on 0114 2754150 to discuss cheap promotional mugs or any other business gift idea.]]>