The number of enquiries for promotional gifts shows no sign of reducing. That would indicate a healthy situation rather than a credit crunch. But delve deeper and it is clear that the marketing consumer is looking to maintain a level of spend, but a reduced one. Cheap promotional items are the order of the day and cheap promotional keyrings are one particular set of items that can have a great impact on your marketing campaign. Promotional keyrings are still a great selling range of business gifts and giveaway ideas. It is a product that people almost certainly use, there is plenty of choice and the branding areas are usually excellent. Therefore cheap promotional keyrings are the lower price end of this range and are the ones that most purchasers are concentrating on. It is being perceived that the recipients are grateful for the level of contact as a client and for any type of gift at present, so why shouldn’t that be one of the cheap promotional keyrings. There are various keyrings that could be fall into the cheap promotional keyrings category. Most of these are produced in either plastic or acrylic. There are the flexible plastic keyrings which can come in several shapes and are a very tactile product that can be printed in up to full colour process. The 2 part acrylic keyfobs are probably the best selling of the cheap promotional keyrings. These take a printed paper insert that can again be printed in up to full colour to both sides. There is a great choice of shapes and the acrylic now comes in a vast choice of colours as well. Ad loop keyrings are another popular choice from within the cheap promotional keyrings. This can also be added to a list that includes an ice scraper keyring and PVC keyrings to name a few more that work out to be great value for money. With the demand for recycled and eco promotional gifts, these too are catered for in the range of cheap promotional keyrings. Often using recycled materials comes at a slight premium which is worth it for the positive impact, but this is not true with the recycled cheap promotional keyrings that provide colour and shape choice and branding possibilities up to full colour process. If the temporary trend for promotional merchandise is to spend, but spend less, then the range of cheap promotional keyrings is something that Steel City have covered and will continue to look for new and exciting ideas.]]>