promotional gifts industry. Traditionally in recessional times, this would be a spend that would immediately be halted across every type of customer base and across all industries that use this as one method to promote their brand. Marketing spend and departments would also be cut and there would be a bleak outlook for anyone involved in this type of business. This has not been the case and indications from the end users is not one of cutting out this activity, but more concentrating on using cheap promotional items as alternatives to the normal merchandise. If the client has started to focus on a lower price range of products, so too does the promotional gift distributor need to focus on ensuring that the choice available reflects this and that more items in the lower price brackets are visible on websites and in hard copy brochures. The Steel City Marketing website has an ever evolving range of business gift ideas and we have been making a concerted effort to ensure that the choice of lower budget items is being updated weekly. This not only ensures we have the best selling products available to view but also that anything new and different to come into the marketing is also seen, thus giving the client an opportunity to reduce spend as well as having something the recipient hasn’t seen before. The desktop range of promotional gifts can suit every budget, no matter how low. From coasters, to erasers and pencils sharpeners, the cheap promotional item idea is well catered for. The production and sheer choice of mousemats, has also led to a reduction in costs, making this a large print area product that is now at the low budget end of things. There is also a really good choice of ideas away from the office, such as car air fresheners, stress items, message bugs and fridge magnets, all possessing perfect promotional qualities but at minimal spend. The final product area that should never be forgotten for a cheap promotional item idea is that of pens. If you have a pen and are contemplating reducing your marketing spend and not going for the next order, consider a cheaper alternative instead. Please contact a member of the Steel City Marketing sales team on 0114 2754150 who will be happy to suggest item based on any budget you have available.]]>