promotional gifts and it is something that is receiving a good amount of interest. It is an earthenware mug with a black coating, supplied boxed with a piece of chalk to accompany it. The Chalk Mug is something different, is a good impact item and with the addition of your corporate identity is a product that you can be certain will be talked about and used for a considerable amount of time. Should you have run out of post-it notes, you can scribble down you note or message on the mug. If you have lost your pen under a pile of paperwork on your desk, then you can write on the mug and action your idea later. It is a promotional item that encourages a degree of interaction and could be used simply to personalize the mug with the owners name or note down the tea or coffee requests, including how many sugars! A meeting planned can be jotted down and the mug will act as a reminder not to forget where and when. The surface can be wiped clean easily to start again. As with a standard earthenware mug, the print are is great, 185 x 70mm and it is probably a good idea to consider adding your logo to just one side, leaving the other side as a blank canvas to doodle away.  As with any product, please take advantage of the in-house studio which can put together visuals to show how products can look. Contact Andrew ([email protected]). As a sales team, we are always seeking out new business gift ideas and will try to make people aware of new ideas as much as possible. Should you want to be included in our non entrusive email marketing campaigns, please mention this to your account handler when you call on 0114 2754150 with your next promotional item enquiry.]]>