We have a range of suppliers at our fingertips from across England ready and waiting to help with all your promotional gift needs. As discussed in an earlier blog post however, they often get overlooked due to challenging competition from the Far East. This St Georges Day we have decided to have a look into why sometimes British is in fact best and the specific benefits you can attain from choosing to get your promotional products from closer to home. We believe these top five reasons will have you reaching for your phone.

1. Delivery Time

It is common knowledge that ordering from outside of England will usually come with a lengthy lead time. Be it a freak ash cloud, a tsunami or just a long boat journey; it is usual to have to wait up to twelve weeks to receive your coveted order. The beauty of choosing a supplier situated in England, is that many items can be picked, printed and arrive promptly on your doorstep in as little as two days! So whatever you are planning, you are guaranteed to never be caught short without that precious promotional gift.

2. Guaranteed Quality

This is not a dig at our wonderful suppliers overseas, but we feel it is our prerogative to be a little bit biased sometimes. England is synonymous with quality. For example, look at the renowned English companies; Wedgewood, our very own Sheffield steel and Virgin. This also goes for our suppliers; there is nothing we like better than a jaunt to their factories to pick up shiny new samples of products to show off to our clients. Not to mention, they are always the first to consider ethical manufacturing and materials. If you are considering an eco-friendly item; it is to one of these that we will direct you. We can offer a range of quirky and unique items, such as the Realta pen made from recycled CD cases, which will definitely pique the interest of the eco-warrior in you.

3. Order Quantities

Not everyone has the budget to order tens of thousands of items which is often a requirement when you order outside of the UK. Using home grown printers gives you much more flexibility with your order quantities. Depending on the product, we can supply as little as 25 items and you will only incur a small charge to cover screen and printing costs.

4. Sample Flexibility

Ensuring that you get exactly the right product with exactly the right print can be a tedious process. Multiple samples can be needed to get it perfect. This is again where choosing a home grown supplier can work to your best interest. They can turn around and ship a sample within 24 hours so regardless of how many times it takes to get right, it still guarantees that your order can be turned around promptly.

5. Doing your bit for UK companies.

Last but certainly not least, buying British makes sure that you are doing your bit for the economy. Investing in English brands helps to strengthen our precarious financial situation and in turn helps your own company in the long run. So, what are you waiting for? Give our expert sales team a call today to get your hands on some quality merchandise ‘Made in England.’

And if you are still not convinced check out just one of our Great British products, the 500ml sports bottle, which will make an impact on any marketing campaign.