business gifts they purchase for their client base. Whether this forms part of the relationship management strategy of the company or if the gift is aimed at winning new business, the importance of this area in building and maintaining your client base must not be forgotten. One popular area for business gifts for clients is during events and these can take the form of an award ceremony with plenty of choice in the crystal and optical crystal product area. Other good ideas for event type giveaways could be specifically golf day items. Although for a specific event, there is always an attempt to make the business gifts memorable and for the clients to talk about the day, until the next one of course! Another key area when looking at the business gifts for clients and making a strong impression is at Christmas. Often an area that is left until the last minute due to budget restrictions or time conspiring against the decision maker at an often-hectic time, it can be the single most important business gift decision made during the year. Whether this is a USB Flashdrive that can come gift boxed (and therefore something the user will get some use out of on a long term basis), or a choice from one of the high-end executive business gift ideas, there is significant choice and the more personal the business gift for your client is, the more likely it is to be kept. Wine is still popular and available, but clients want to feel as though time and effort has been put into the decision. Business Gifts for clients can also be considered as a reward. Although this can be a sensitive issue in some industries, most do not have restrictions on this type of activity. Should you be looking to promote a new product to your existing client base, a gift could be given for all orders placed over a period of time after the launch. If you are looking to boost sales and generate much needed revenue, why not consider business gifts for your clients that rewards them if they achieve a set level of turnover with your organisation over a set period of time. Steel City Marketing is an experienced promotional and business gifts distributor having been in the industry for over 28 years. With an experienced sales team contactable on 0114 2754150, you can discuss business gift ideas for your clients, set a brief to be looked into and ideas generated, or simply requests samples, quotes or visuals. Call now.]]>