desktop promotional gifts is great for a certain type of target audience, with a host of ideas from mousemats, coasters, highlighters, pads and many more. The recycled range of products should not be ignored with new products constantly coming on stream that have been produced using recycled materials. Flashdrives are probably the biggest desktop promotional gift item at present, with so many models to choose from it can be quite hard to keep on top of the new ranges! Promotional mugs still remain popular and with a good branding area, they can be an excellent reminder of your company details. Mugs are always well received and it is amazing how possessive people can get about a certain one, so these are very much worth considering. Travel and leisure promotional products are becoming very effective and this area is huge and worth taking time over such a large selection. From the activity side such as sports bottles, MP3 players, pedometers to torches, ice scrapers and winter high visibility items, there are some fantastic and useful business gift items to consider. Choosing a business gift idea to reinforce you brand effectively can be a very daunting task. Brochures can give too much choice and certain websites can have far too big a selection. At Steel City Marketing we have our own 96 page promotional gift directory, a website with only best selling and new product ideas and a great sales team waiting for your call on 0114 2754150. We are experienced, passionate and will ensure the process is smooth and trouble free.]]>