branded sweets is the fact that large volumes that can be purchased for a relatively low total spend. Branded sweets can easily be transported to events, provide an easy solution for a promotional item to giveaway at an exhibition and are enticing for the visitors providing a draw onto your stand allowing you the opportunity to establish a relationship with a new client or have some time to catch up with an important existing client. At the lower end of the budget range there is plenty of choice of brand sweets to consider. Rock sweets allow simple branding through the centre of the sweet, with colours that are as close to pantone matching as possible. When you consider that the minimum “boil” of sweets produces 5000 and the cost per unit is around £0.09 each, this is a great opportunity to keep the spend down and have a mass volume giveaway item at your disposal. Mint cards fit into the mid range budget, and are a fantastic option should you be considering using branded sweets in your next promotion. They have a fantastic print area, perfect for enforcing your brand with maximum effect. One of the most popular items within the branded sweets range is that of the tins of sweets. There are a few brand names that standout such as Clic Clak or Clic It. These tins are some of the most popular promotional confectionery giveaways on the market. Available in several sizes (with the best sellers being the 45mm and 53mm diameter tins) as well as numerous tin colours options, the client has plenty of options to consider. The fillings are the final area, and again there is no shortage of choice. From mints, to chocolate beans to fruit flavoured sweets, you can be sure of hitting the right spot with your choice to fill the tins of these branded sweets. Another obvious range of branded sweets is chocolate. There is a good range of ideas with a chocolate base. From small boxes that hold either 1 or 2 up to larger boxes that contain 4, 8 or 16, these can be foil blocked or screen printed and are a good executive business gift idea. Simple chocolate bars are foil wrapped along with a label that can take similar branding to the boxes and are a well received promotional item. Because of the sheer choice available when considering purchasing branded sweets, it would be a good idea to talk to an experienced member of the Steel City Marketing sales team, who will be more than happy to discuss ideas, prices, arrange samples and visuals.]]>