It’s ‘Growing for Well-being Week’; a celebration of mindful gardening. Caring for plants can be a great form of meditation. It’s a great way to cultivate a healthy mind, feel calm and help with physical wellbeing too! A new study from Princeton University shows that (urban) gardening increases the level of happiness and meaningfulness for most people*. In the 11th week of lockdown  here in the UK, a lot of us are seeking ways to help our mental and physical well-being. So here are three of our top branded products to help mindful gardening that will surprise and delight your clients and team:

1. Sprout®PENCIL

Sprout Pencil Branded Packs   

The Sprout Pencil is an ideal, novel promotional gift to help introduce a little gardening to your clients or team mates. When you have finished using the pencil, simply turn it upside down and plant it in soil. There are 10 different non-GMO seeds to choose enclosed in a plant based seed capsule at the end of the pencil.  What’s more, the pencils will serve as name tags for the type of plants that you are growing. Made from FSC-certified or PEFC wood, the Sprout pencil can be engraved with your brand logo. You could even brand a hashtag or a message to promote being mindful. There is also the option to include branded packaging to help explain your marketing message and the merits of this sustainable branded gift.

2. Desktop Garden Pots

Branded Desktop Garden Pot

These recycled brushed aluminium desktop garden pots are a neat way to promote urban gardening! They come with an innovative seedball that will germinate in around 7-14 days. Complete with cork stopper, growing instructions and organic soil coin with full colour label. The label can be laser engraved or rotary screen printed to maximise your logo or message. The desktop gardens are available in silver brushed or matt black finish and presented in branded Kraft postal box which can be bulk packed or personalised and individually posted.

3. Branded Clay Pot

Branded Clay Pot

Another desktop branded gift to aid mindful gardening. This recyclable and reusable clay pot would make a nice addition to any space. It comes with an organic soil coin and innovative seedball. You can choose from a number of seeds. We particularly like the ‘Bee Mix’ option which includes 100% wild flower seeds. Made in the UK (it’s nice to minimise carbon footprint where we can!), this natural clay pot can be laser engraved with your branding to one face.

To finish, here is a little quote by American poet, William Wadsworth:

“Your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds”

Please get in touch if you would like more information on any of the above branded products to help mindful gardening! Call us on 0114 275 4150 or email us.