Social media platforms have become an integral method of engaging with current and potential customers. They are used for many Every so often there is a new online craze which users turn their attention to. There is also often one common denominator: visual content.  More recently, the instagram growth, Pinterest and Keek have shined through. Facebook and Twitter remain just as successful as ever, but

 ‘Tweeters’ are becoming much more interested in tweets that contain the Twitter-picture URL for them to open. Facebook’s timeline algorithm is dominated by clever visual content, but there is a lot more to succeeding the maximum reach without resorting to a picture of a cat.

As a business, competing online to promote your brand you must consider the value of discretion. A big and bold company logo is useful for reminding current customers of your services, but subtle branding of more engaging content and using these tips for CMR implementation from salesforce, can go a long way to gain or hold potential customers. The most shareable content online is not going to be a company logo or even a company product. Engage with the world using clever images of things real people can relate to, more simply; what they like seeing. The aforementioned cute cat could even be your route to virility if used effectively. The necessities are: a small name or link to your brand perhaps in the corner of the image, an interesting picture, and a clever caption. A perfect combination of these features will bring a short amount of work; unmeasured results.

Use Apps to Edit Your Images

Something that is becoming a very positive way to engage with the public is altered images. Professionals of the past would spend hours editing images to obtain the right balance of a picture. The new waves of social media sites and phone apps such as Instagram, encourage users to alter their uploaded photos, albeit through a selection of filters. The fact that millions of social media users are editing their images in this way will make them more susceptible to other examples. Add-ons to Instagram are becoming increasingly popular and widespread. The format-friendly collage apps, allow users to quickly and easily, combine numerous pictures and text even through the means of a smart phone.

Product Placement

The progression of user capability and technology has made the competition for social media success very high. This is the key motive for subtly branded images that will convey to your potential customers a high level of intelligence, and more importantly a low level of desperation. The most effective promotional product placement via branded images could be an unexpected stereotype using your service or product. For instance, a computer game may achieve virility from producing a branded image of an elderly person enjoying the game

Cross Platform Sharing

The key to uploading branded images is to not make them platform specific. Bear in mind the sharing capability of platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Images uploaded to these platforms can be shared by users to Facebook and Twitter and will have a far greater reach than an image uploaded solely to Facebook. The most successful branded images are of course the ones that are seen and engaged with by users of every possible social media platform.