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Working from home is again the ‘norm’ for most office workers across the UK having entered our third national lockdown last week on the 6th January 2021.  Spending working hours alone at home is something many business professionals are now having to face. Even for those who have been wfh since the first Covid-19 lockdown last March, isolated working after a Christmas break and with short dark days is not always easy. On top of that some have to home school! And so, keeping up morale and making sure your team are as comfortable as possible is of paramount importance.

Woman working from home
One way to keep your colleagues and customers motivated and feeling appreciated whilst working from home is with corporate desktop gifts. A branded gift with your company logo and marketing message on, which makes wfh life that bit easier, is a great way to show you care.  From branded stationery,  desktop items and techy gadgets, to branded mugs, coasters, clothing to keep warm – we can help you to chose the perfect branded gift.
You may want to make your corporate gift even more engaging with items that can be personalised with the receivers name on. We are able to offer a selection of business gifts that can be sent directly to individual addresses – meaning it frees up your time having to organise and implement posting the items out. Plus we can provide a number of branded items with an antibacterial coating on to help limit the spread of germs.

Our top 15 corporate gifts that will make working from home life easier:

1. Insulated branded mug

Keep drinks at the desk warm with an insulated branded mug like this deluxe Pantone matched tumbler below – after all there won’t be the usual office tea/coffee run with freshly made hot drinks!

ColourCoat Tulip Tumbler

2. Promotional Coaster

We couldn’t suggest a branded mug without mentioning the humble promotional coaster! A must have item for any home office. We like this UK made 16 piece puzzle coaster!

Puzzle Promotional coaster

3. Branded Travel Mugs

For when you need a bit of fresh air to break up the day, a branded travel mug (as well as being enjoyed at the desk) can be taken with you on the go. This smart black rubberised travel mug engraved with your branding will catch eyes as well as being kept for years to come.

Black Rubberised Travel Mug

4. Branded Drinks Bottles

Remembering to keep hydrated whilst working from home alone can be hard – and it is so good for our health and wellbeing. One way to help remind your team mates and customers is with a branded drinks bottle. You can easily include set amounts to drink by certain times of the day in the design like we did in our Steel City bottle below.

Steel City Drinks Bottle

5. Branded Headphones

Video calls are the new form of communicating during lockdown times and so having the right equipment will make meetings go much smoother. Quality branded headphones or ear buds will not only improve the sound quality of calls but can be used to block out other home distractions! We particularly like these eco friendly promotional headphones made from Wheatstraw with hands free option and build in FM radio function.

Wheatstraw branded headphones

6. Promotional Bluetooth Speaker

Similarly, a decent Bluetooth speaker can help sound quality when initiating a conference call with several people. We thought we would share this particular multi-functional promotional BT speaker which is also a desk lamp and allows you to charge your phone at the same time!

Branded multifunctional lamp

7. Branded Charging Cable

Sticking with the tech theme – branded charging cables are a high perceived value offering which is bound to impress. With us all consuming so much virtually right now our devices are needing to be charged more and more. A handy promotional charging cable is useful and small to post too.

Branded Cable Buddy

8. Branded phone or tablet stand

A branded phone or tablet stand is a handy addition to any home office to keep the desk neat, always know where your device is and keep it steady for any video calls taken on them.

mobile phone holder

9. Branded webcam cover

With all those video calls taking place, a webcam cover is an essential to maintain security at the home. This UK made, recycled version allows for your branding to be printed in full colour.

Branded Webcam cover

10. Branded Stationery

If you have been working from home since March, it is likely that your stationery supply has needed to be topped up. By gifting corporate stationery – not only will you be illustrating your support for your colleagues and raising morale, but you will be providing a consistent brand image on any photos shared on social media or when at a video meeting with clients! Examples of branded stationery:

CROSS A5 Journal and Stratford Ballpen Gift Set

11. Branded calendar

A great way to feel in control and on top of our schedule is with a branded calendar. Be it a desktop Calenderpod like the one below which features sticky notes and coloured index tabs or a branded wall calendar.


12. Corporate Branded Diary

Similarly, gifting a quality branded diary, be it a daily, weekly or monthly version, will be a useful planning tool for any home office professional.

13. A branded mouse and branded mousemat

You can even brand a mouse and mousemat to add a touch of corporate pride to your colleagues home desktop. Or act as a reminder of your services or products to your customers. There is also the option of an antibacterial coating to the below branded mousemat.

Branded mouse hardtop mousemat

14. Branded stress items

An economical branded gift that will certainly help relive any stress. Stress balls come in all different shapes, sizes and colours.

Stress Home

15. Bespoke Corporate Branded Gift Kits

If you would like to send a selection of different branded gifts that will make working from home easier – then look no further than our gift kits. Bespoke to your requirements, budget and they can be sent to individual addresses. You can see more on about the different options available to you our recent blog, here.

Corporate Branded Gift Kit

If you are interested in any of the above branded gifts to help ease working from home or would like to explore different options available to you, please get in touch with our team.

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