promotional gifts has had many changes over the decades. There has been the move from traditional UK manufacturers to the cheaper Far East factories, meaning a shift in our focus to a more service led economy. Materials used have also changed and evolved with a constant look at costs, durability and the demands for longer lasting products. One of the most interesting developments over recent years has been the focus on the environmental issues relating to production methods. There is a demand for items that look towards the Eco side and there has had to be developments and new products produced that meet these requirements. A great range of promotional items are now produced out of recycled materials such as CD cases, vending cups, plastic packaging, car parts to name but a few. The methods do not stop here however with regard to Eco merchandise available as there are now those made from materials that will naturally break down and degrade when they are finished with and microorganisms can metabolise them. This is a fantastic selling point for products that can often have a relatively short lifetime and will eventually need to be discarded. Knowing that this can be done and that the environmental impact has been reduced to minimal levels if any at all is a real bonus for an advertising tool. The amount of products now produced spreads across several categories. There are several pens that have these properties, the Vegetal Frost ballpen and this pen is approx 80% biodegradable. Another interesting development has been the Bio Sports Bottles, available in two sizes. This is an already extremely popular promotional item in its own right, which can be down to the current gym culture and popularity of outdoor activities. So now to have the option of a product that will break down naturally should it reach the end of it’s useful life is a bonus to say the least. This product is being showcased as a new idea alongside some great offers on Recycled and Eco promotional gifts over February and March 2009. Each member of the Steel City Marketing sales team is more than happy and experienced enough to discuss greener options within any product range where these exist.  Please contact us now on 0114 2754150.]]>