In 2013, Bic pens launched the BIC® Cristal® Challenge. If you used the pen until the ink ran out, they would reward you with £10… Sounds simple right?

BIC recently took the iconic ball point pen to The University of Reading and asked them to compare the Cristal to other ball pens out there. Their study showed that BiC® Cristal® Medium Black pens take you up to 2 x further than other usual ball pens! What is even better, is that the University of Reading also provided plenty of facts and figures about how long the BIC Cristal can last. So there are lots of ways in which you could try to finish your BiC® Cristal® ball pen for our challenge. For instance, why not try emptying your BiC by completing 986 Sudoku puzzles, or if you know 7770 people, you could write down all of their phone numbers – now that would be something (to know that many people that is)!

To launch the BIC® Cristal® Challenge, artist Nathan Wyburn created the iconic image of Cosette made entirely from BIC® Cristal® pen parts. The piece used 2436 empty pen barrels, 3591 pen lids, 460 pen clips, 290 pen ends and 40 tubes of glue in 22 hours and 40 minutes.