The “white” refers to the fact that all the barrels in this Ecolutions range of pens are white, with other (non recycled) components such as caps, plugs and clips being available in numerous colours. This range is not therefore fully recycled – but Bic never pretend that they are, an honest business approach they continually demonstrate. The pens available up to now as “Ecolutions” options (priced approx 10% higher than the standard range) : Ecolutions Round Stic : Barrel is 99% recycled, pen is 40% overall recycled. Great priced cap pen. Ecolutions Media Clic : Barrel is 87% recycled and the pen contains 48% recycled material. Also available as a mechanical pencil. Ecolutions Clic Stic : Barrel is 99% recycled with the entire pen made up of 33% recycled material. Ecolutions Media Max : 87% recycled barrel, making the overall pen 32% recycled. There is a mechanical pencil version and this pen can have full colour digital wrap print to the entire barrel. Print options are not restricted on the new range, with at least 2 print positions (sometimes 3) on each pen, allowing multiple print colours on at least one of these positions. Lead times are fantastic for a “recycled” pen range, 7-10 working days for screen printing and 10-12 for the full colour digital print. These lead times allow the mix & matching of trim colour components and option on blue or black ink, proving that Bic have maintained their quick turnaround when developing this new area. Should you be interested in this great new range of pens, or any other promotional gifts, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the sales team who will be happy to discuss your requirements further. [caption id="attachment_505" align="alignnone" width="350" caption="The Ecolution Range"][/caption]]]>