We are now delighted to be able to offer an easy, simply option to create bespoke promotional caps. This is something that has been always been available in the past, but has been extremely expensive and therefore only really feasible on the larger enquiries / orders. “Speculation” is key to securing business these days and so the production facilities are moving with the times.

The process of creating bespoke promotional caps for clients remains somewhat expensive but that is a cost that they are willing to absorb given the potential business that can be generated from a client that decides to run with a large bulk order of their branded caps. The initial visuals are based around the client’s brand; their colours, their business type. All these aspects are considered in this first phase.

Once the visual for the brand’s bespoke promotional caps has been approved, it takes about 12 working days to receive the sample proof. This has an immediate impact with the client, something tangible, something unique, an item that they may not have even considered up to this point.

Bespoke promotional caps are designed from scratch as mentioned. Various unique features that can be considered are as follows :
* Velcro or buckle straps.
* Embroidery to various positions around the cap (to include name, logo, website)
* Sandwich peak
* Coloured stitching to the eyelets
* Branded inner linings.

Headwear and in particular bespoke promotional caps are one of the most visible branded items you can use. Golf and outdoor events are a perfect place to use caps, but they are equally suitable as an exhibition or conference giveaway. Gift with purchase or product launches are also a great way to use caps.

If bespoke promotional caps are not quite the right item for your brand, there is also the possibility of doing the same with beanie hats. Either way, this is a fantastic opportunity to create something totally and utterly unique for your business.