Born between 21st June and 22nd July, Cancer is known to be really friendly, imaginative and highly domestic. Sounds great doesn’t it. So take inspiration from our product suggestions and “Be More Cancer?”

Be Friendly

“Be More Cancer” and extend a friendly invitation for a cuppa and a catch up with clients. Use the time to reflect on how business has gone so far and find out just what their needs are going forward; it all helps to secure that next big order! You can even come prepared with your own branded coffee cups!

Be Imaginative

Take pleasure in “Being More Cancer” and stretch your imagination. Why not encourage your clients to be creative too and share your ideas. It doesn’t take much; just a set of pencils and a pad of paper. If all else fails, there is always doodling or dot to dot.

Be Domestic

Cancerians are also known to be very nurturing and domestic. Use your imagination and get creative in the kitchen. Slip on a sloganed apron and you will automatically feel like a pro.


So share that baked cake over a lovely cuppa while visualising your next creative campaign.

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