We are delighted to announce the addition to one particular “family”! Ball USB People have just been launched to add to an already impressive range of quirky and innovative Promotional USB Flash Drives. If you are always looking for something different when launching a marketing or brand campaign, these could be the perfect items to consider.

As with their original cousins, the Ball USB People come in a range of standard designs available from just 50 units. These include a “doctor”, “surgeon”, “nurse”, “pilot”, “business man”, “workman” and “Santa Claus”. If none of these are quite right, you can design your own personal Ball USB People character from 250 units. This could be to match your staff uniform or to create a design that can follow through to various other areas of you external communications. There is a choice of memory capacity, as you would expect, between 1GB and 8GB.

Ball USB PeopleThe Ball USB People Promotional Flash Drives are a keyring around the size of a table tennis ball. To use the drive, pull the hinged head section apart to release the body (which is where the flash is housed). The “head” then snaps back together to keep the body exposed whilst the drive is in use. The head also acts as protection to the Flash Drive when the “body” is folded inside and being carried around.

Many people ask for that something different. Ball USB People Flash Drives certainly tick the right box here. They are quirky and they stand out versus any other Promotional Flash Drives on the market! The uniqueness brings an element of fun to an everyday object and they certainly make the Flash Drive more personal!

Ball USB People are packaged in retail quality boxes and this helps increase the already long list of potential areas of use for this product in your marketing. A fantastic trade exhibition or conference giveaway, but equally this could be a high end table favour or thank you gift for your top client base. The perceived value of these branded Flash Drives is high and they would be well received by any target audience you were looking at. Don’t forget to lock them away though as your staff may also take a shine to them!

The sales team at Steel City Marketing are experts in any promotional item from the Ball USB People to the hundreds of thousands of others products available to give your brand a boost!