We invited our customers to put forward their questions to our resident expert James Biggin. Please read the blog for James’ answer, or watch our video below:

So with regard to artwork, we don’t want you as the client to have to worry overly about what format to send it in, but there are certain requirements we do need to follow. The final formats we need are EPS format or PDF (high resolution).

Geek sheet2
These are print ready and are usually vectorised and set to outline paths. This is obviously quite techy speak but when you create your logo, you will often be provided with a brand guideline or a brand book. Often, this is all we need. Equally your graphic designer has probably produced the logo in the format that we need, so send those across to us and let us check it out.

In certain circumstances, there just aren’t those file formats ready from the client’s side. We can organise for logos to be redrawn and made into a usable format for the print ready version at a very low cost. So there’s no need to worry about any design tweeks that you might want to make as we can do all that for you.

If you only have your logo but would like to add some additional information to your branding such as the website or phone number, we can get done as part of the process.

The process

Once we’ve been given your go ahead and we have your artwork in the right format, we will go ahead and have mock up’s done of your design, complete with your branding and any extra information you want to include. This is called the proofing process. It is part of our production process and it is what we do to make sure that you’re completely happy with how everything looks before we go to print.  Once you’ve given us that go ahead, we will inform the factory at that point. They will then go ahead and print the product.

This ties in nicely with another video that we produced based on product colour, so it might be worth watching it (again) as colour will be part of the conversation we will have with you based on what your brand colour is, how’s that represented and what colour product you should consider within your activity.

So in summary artwork is a really important area for us, so whatever format you have the logo in, whether you have it print ready or whether you can provide it good enough that we can actually have it redrawn, then we can make sure that you can have that product proofed up really quickly with any extra information and we take pride in making sure that our processes are geared up to be able to handle that.

Please get in touch and we will be very happy to help! t: 0114 275 4150 e: [email protected]