Make Your Team Feel Appreciated

1st March is just around the corner, you may be thinking how is it March already or thank god the winter is coming to an end! But did you know it is #EmployeeAppreciationDay?!

Probably not, but it is a great opportunity to consider yours and your team mates welfare and happiness. Let’s face it, if employees aren’t happy, they are less likely to perform to the best of their abilities and this could dramatically effect the success of a business. Studies show that happy employees are 20% more productive at work and are also less likely to call in sick; so it makes business sense to invest in and nurture a work force.

Why not embrace the national day and organise something to show recognition of your staff?  You may want to throw a party, encourage office games, offer a volunteer day or take the team out for a meal or activity (we would recommend the Great Escape Game by the way if you are Yorkshire based). You could also look into employing an engagement tool such as Perkbox which allows employees to enjoy a discount or freebies from some big-name companies.

Another way to reward your employees is by giving branded gifts…

Branded gifts are a great way to either say thank you and/or to provide an incentive for achieving goals. Not only will employees feel appreciated but if they really buy into the brand and company they can endorse the company and become brand advocates.  Just think how many times you tell friends and family about a free gift you have received and really valued.

Marketing Executive Jenni Burton holding the Steel City personalised Stainless Steel Drinksware given out in our office for #EmployeeAppreciationDay

There are many different options to suit different price ranges and to reflect your business type. A branded gift doesn’t have to be overly expensive, even a branded t-shirt can inspire company pride in your staff. We have put together a couple of suggestions as to what kind of branded product may be suitable for your employees below.

A5 Printed Notebook

Desktop Items

If you are office based, desktop branded products will be really useful. Items such as coasters, drink-ware, charging cables, phone stands, desk tidies or notepads and pens will not only be handy to have but will also help to keep the office space uniform and tidy! (See what we did with our own personalised ceramic mugs here). You could even incorporate some healthy team competition with a branded item – why not see who can grow a plant quickest from scratch with a desktop garden at the same time creating some social media content?!


Oasis Stainless Steel Thermos Bottle

Workplace Branded Gifts

Make life easier for your employees in the work place. If you have a sales team on the road, why not gift them a travel mug or drinks bottle, a Bluetooth speaker or a wireless charger? If your work is mostly client facing, your team may appreciate a new branded note book or pen gift set which will not only make them feel pride in their company but your clients will also be reminded of the branding. Better still, you could personalise the gift with their name to really show your gratitude individually and make them feel truly appreciated.

B&C Collection Men's FleeceCorporate Clothing

Although corporate clothing may not be seen as a gift as such, it is still a way to create a unison between staff and boost morale. There are also some lovely retail style clothing options available which appeal to a more subtle branding and will more likely be worn outside of the workplace.  If subtle isn’t in your brand vocabulary, you could g bold and showcase your branding and artwork to their full impact. Either way, staff will appreciate the investment and feel a unity with other team members. See what we did with our branded clothing and some more helpful information here.

Medium Jade Glass Iceberg Plaque

Branded Awards

You could even have a monthly or yearly internal business awards ceremony – award the top employee of the month or the most improved performer of the year.  Awards can be made in all shapes and sizes to suit your branding and will definitely make your employees feel appreciated. They may even share their news on social platforms. You could even make it into an event or evening occasion and offer a branded gift alongside the award.

Would you like to discuss branded gifts for your employees further? Why not call one of the team on 0114 275 4150 or email us.