We are becoming increasingly aware that the demand for promotional giveaways is still strong but that the need to look at cheaper alternatives is the most important factor. Many desktop promotional products provide a low value option, whilst maintaining the presence of your brand for a considerable time. Acrylic coasters are one such product that is now being considered as a way to achieve the results whilst keeping the important marketing spend to a minimum. Promotional coasters have always been a popular gift idea and acrylic coasters in particular have been one of the best selling in this range. They are solid, rigid and tough, guaranteeing a long product lifetime and maximizing the exposure of your logo or message. These acrylic coasters are available in either round or square (again keeping product costs low due to simple tooling) and are sized at 100mm for both. Acrylic coasters are available in numerous colours and these can be selected to either compliment your brand or make your promotional coaster stand out on the recipient’s desktop.  They have a fantastic print area, with plenty of room for logo, contact details and a broader marketing message if required. There doesn’t need to be any compromises when using acrylic coasters in a marketing campaign. As an ideal promotional giveaway for either direct mail campaigns, these are light and therefore can be mailed out cheaply. Acrylic coasters can also lend themselves perfectly at a business to business event or exhibition, as they are easy to store and transport and present no problem for the recipient to pack away and take home. As a stock held item, acrylic coasters are available on a quick lead-time. This is around 10 working days on a normal lead-time, with the possibility of paying an express fee if you are in need of a last minute giveaway idea. As with other popular business gift lines, acrylic coasters can also be produced from recycled materials, providing an eco friendly alternative. The recycled option is not limited in colour choice, with more becoming available all the time. Contact a member of the sales team should you wish to discuss the use of acrylic coasters as you next promotional giveaway idea.]]>