Corporate golf days have become a popular way for businesses to promote their brand, connect with clients and have some fun in the process. How you enact your golf marketing strategy however, can be the difference between a generous return on investment and an expensive day out. Golf days allow you time out of stuffy meeting rooms to get to know potential and existing customers better and a build a relationship that keeps them coming back to your brand. The increasing popularity of golf as a marketing tool means that you have plenty of avenues to ensure that you swing your way to success. From preparation and planning to execution and follow up, this is your golf marketing guide to creating a successful day.

Do Your Research

Things you will need to consider in advance are: the date of the event, the venue, the guest list and if you are going to offer prizes. Firstly, do your research! Create a list of potential attendees and ensure that there are no conflicting interests among the people you choose. Communicate with the people you want there and ensure that you choose a date which is suitable to everyone. There are a number of desirable golf courses across the country, so choose one which is in preferable distance to those you want to come. Most courses are aware of golf marketing for businesses and offer a choice of packages designed to help you create your day. From catered lunches, to special guest appearances you will find that many venues are ready to help you prepare.

The next step you can take is to generate some hype around your day. Most companies will employ a social media strategy, so here is your opportunity to advertise something social through it. Why not create a Facebook event or LinkedIn group for attendees? It will give people a forum to discuss the upcoming festivities and generate a bit of banter. It is a great way to improve your reach on these platforms, you could even tweet updates and line-ups on Twitter.

Use Promotional Gifts

A considerable part of golf marketing is getting your brand to stand out and remain in clients minds after the day. The amount of golf marketing products at your disposal is plentiful. You can choose everything from scorecards, golf balls, golf tees and umbrellas to banners and promotional clothing. Your branding options are also plentiful, contact Steel City Marketing to find out how we can make your logo stand out. It is also worth considering individual personalisation.  Promotional gifts have a much longer life span if the recipient has a personal attachment. You could hand out a golf themed gift pack printed with each of the attendees names at the end of the day, to guarantee that your brand stays in their mind long after the final stroke has been taken.

Think about what you want your clients to remember. In addition to having a great day, you want to ensure that your brand and services stay in their mind too. By printing your company name, a tag line and contact details; recipients will remember who you are and why they need you. You could even include things like your social media handles or a QR code which they can scan to get directly to your webpage via their smart phone.

Monitor and encourage client feedback

Golf marketing should not end when the day does. You can use the day to plant seeds of ideas into clients minds but the hard sell can come later. Follow up with everyone who attended with a thank you call or email. Encourage them to share their favourite parts of the day and vote on who they thought was the best player. You can also utilise your company blog by writing a review or social media to keep the conversation going. By continuing to communicate with attendees you will be ideally placed to hear about when they next require your services. You could even run a special promotion which is only available to people from the event.