1.       A promotional calendar should be at the forefront of every sports enthusiast’s brain to ensure that they never get caught without a pint in their hand for the start of a match. We can supply bespoke calendars for any occasion so they can be printed with all the important details; even a blank league table for fans to fill in, if you so desire.

2.       Are you headed to the stadium for any of the upcoming matches? Then you should check out our range of promotional whistles and cheering sticks. They are a bit of tongue in cheek for everyone and a great way to get involved in the atmosphere and show your support.

3.       Do you want to display your support loud and proud? Then have a look at our range of personalised t-shirts. Whether you want your countries emblem or a witty saying; we have a range of branding options available. They come in a range of colours and sizes so they are sure to make you look as sharp as Stuart Lancaster.

4.       Running around the pitch (or the pub) can be thirsty work. So to make sure that you are never caught without we have a range of handy bottle openers which are perfect for keeping your voice ready to cheer for victory.

5.       Do you find yourself biting your nails in the face of an impending match? Then one of our branding stress items should be the choice for you. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, so whether you want to show your support with a rugby ball or fancy a mascot shaped item, we can tackle the problem.

6.       At Steel City Marketing we believe in the power of positive drinking (sorry- thinking). So our final item on this list has to our beautiful branded champagne flutes. They are elegant and stylish and the perfect way to enjoy your celebratory beverage as the final whistle blows.]]>