In anticipation of the pending lock down easing, we are seeing more and more businesses start to plan their return to the workplace. Even if on a reduced scale. Making staff, clients and suppliers feel safe, protected and comfortable on their return to work is of course a primary concern for all of us. There are many ways you can do this. Here are 5 back to work branded merchandise ideas you may want to consider to help ease the return:

1. Provide protective and personal masks. 

FFP2 and KN95 Face masks are products we are able to supply and can provide medical standard protection for your workforce. However, with the global shortages for these types of PPE face masks and with key workers requiring these types of PPE masks first and foremost, there are some great alternative branded personal masks available. Some of which are UK made and there are more environmentally friendly reusable/washable options too.

2. Make PPE available in the workplace.

Keep germs at bay with high alcohol (70%+) hand sanitisers and antibacterial wipes at entrances, in kitchen and bathroom areas. With branded options available, you could also gift these types of items to clients or donate to organisations you support. Protective gloves and thermometers could also be key items to have available in the workplace.

3. Encourage social distancing with branded signage, self-adhesive floor vinyl and safety barriers. 

Back to work branded merchandise often overlooked – but you may need to invest in signage and/or barriers.  A change to access to your premises, or the layout of till areas or working/canteen spaces could be needed. Branded queue barriers can act as a guide and inform visitors and employees where to go.

4. Help protect your workers with brandable sneeze shields or desk separators.

Particularly for those who are client facing, portable sneeze shields will act as a temporary barrier to help to protect your workforce. Desk separators are also available (unbranded) to provide a working space barrier in offices.

5. Consider gifting antibacterial branded items to your workforce or clients.

A way to welcome back your team or your clients into the workplace and make them feel at ease could be with antibacterial branded gifts. There are all sorts of antibacterial promotional options available, from drinkware, pens, bags to hands free door openers.

With the high demand for buying in bulk of PPE products, minimum order quantities will apply. Availability of stocks can fluctuate daily and lead times vary, but the team is on hand to advise you and tailor options to suit your requirements.

If you are interested in any of the above back to work branded merchandise ideas, please get in touch with the team. If you would rather speak to one of the team, we would love to chat through ideas with you, or even just touch base with how you and your business are doing!

Please call us on 0114 275 4150 or email us.