business gifts even more enjoyable than normal (what a cliché!) is not only when you have put together a brochure of promotional ideas that clients can source from and want to use again and again, it is also the fact that some requests are away from the norm and these are the ones that need experience, knowledge and effort to find and put forward. When a construction client made is clear that they were really keen on branded fingerless gloves to promote their brand, it would appear straightforward. Problem 1: They required dual branding and multiple logo colours were involved. Problem 2 : When looking into the Work Wear supply options, it was clear that the products available are specialist, very pricey and simply could not be branded. So the choice was going to be a narrow one and there would almost certainly be limits as to how or if the client could have their logo on. Even after finding a pair of Work Wear acrylic gloves that were plain – branding was the next hurdle to get over. A printer would not be able to screen print more than 1 colour and even then – the stretching of the glove during wear would almost certainly distort the logo. A standard embroiderer was another option but they would have the problem of the item being too small to get onto the machines. It was therefore going to require a company that produces this type of item as a specialist.  The result was as far away from the construction industry as you could get! A manufacturer who specializes in merchandise and giveaways for the concert industry produces fingerless gloves to promote events and rock bands. They have the ability to embroider these small products and can do this on a minimum production run of just 50 pairs. Client was delighted to proceed and just at the right time with the cold snap around the corner!! Steel City Marketing is willing and able to try and source any business gift or promotional item idea you are considering…put one of the sales team to the test. ]]>